EC210 Rock Tooth EC210RC 14530544RC excavator bucket tooth

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EC210 Rock Tooth 14530544RC replacement Construction Bucket Tooth for excavator,alloy steel material,stable quality,longer wear life,better reliability.Adopting Ceramic production line,complicated process,very beautiful appearance.

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1.Basic Info:

Part no: EC210RC(14530544RC)

Usage: Construction Bucket Tooth for excavator

Trade mark: Aili or Customized

Material:Alloy steel

Color: Yellow/Grey/Customized

Warranty:Any broken under normal use will be compensated within one year

Origin: Jiangxi,China(Mainland)

2.Product Details:

2.1 Key Specifications/Special Features

Material No Usage Range Hardness HRC Impact Toughness (J) Tensile Strength (MPa/mm²) Elongation (%)
ALZG1# ≤25kg adapter, side cutter 36~40 ≧15 ≧784 ≧1.5
ALZG2# ≤20kg Teeth 48~51 ≧13 ≧1272 ≧1.5
ALZG3# ≧25kg~35kg adapter 40~45 ≧20 ≧784 ≧1.5
ALZG5# ≧20kg Teeth 50~53 ≧13 ≧1372 ≧1.5
ALZG6# 35kg~110kg adapter 40~45 ≧25 ≧784 ≧1.5
ALZG 7# ≧25kg~60kg Teeth 51~54 ≧15 ≧1372 ≧1.5
ALZG 8# ≧60kg~100k Teeth 52~54 ≧15 ≧1372 ≧1.5

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    Located in the beautiful Yichun City Jiangxi province, near in Ningbo port and shanghai port.

    Aili is a modern enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacture and sales of precision casting parts. Aili established in 1980,we already have 40years casting experience .Covering an area of 110,000 sqm; have more than 200 staffs; Annual production capacity is 24,000 tons; Export to all of world more than 100 countries; Annual Sales Volume more than 30 million dollars among it ,60% is overseas market, 40% is domestic market.

    Aili Company profile




    Our company has advanced investment casting line, forging line, environment friendly continu-ous heat treatment furnace, as well as the top testing equip-ment in this industry.

    Now we mainly supply all kinds of excavator bucket, bucke tteeth & adapters and some precision casting &forging products,

    like:Teeth,Adapter,side cutter,cutting edge,bucket,protector,pin,retainer,bolt,nut ect

    We can develop and design all kinds of mould, precisioncasting mould and forging upon special request.


    Trade mark: Aili

    AIli possessing precisionfoundry factory,  Ceramics Casting factory,Automatic production line we also can call Static pressure modeling line (SPML )Aili is also the only manufacturer in China that use static pressure line to produce tooth and adapter,precision forging factory, mold and CNCmachining center 

    company FRAMEWORK


    We have most advanced physicochemical inspection equip-ment including:  Optical Spectrum Analyzer which inspect and analyze chemical composition, Metallography microscope which testing the


    Inspection Machinery:We have 6 sets Wire cutting machine,Improve the speed of mechanical performance test


    Rockwell Hardness Tester and Brinell hardness tester to test the block,These two machines can provide customers with different reference hardness requirements.

    our Impact Testing Instrument ,Tensile testing machine to test the thoughness and tension.




    1.Cooperating with world famous brands , be the supplier of VOLVO since 2014 2. to be the supplier of the world’s first brand of loader SDLG in 2018 .


    2.Certificate of Design Patent  ,we got this in 2016.

    3.Aili is the only company in China that can independently develop chemical composition materials.

    INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND DEVEL OPMENT, Our company has independent R & D department, whichspecialized in developing new products.


    4 We have got 8 invention patents Meanwhile our company has been confimedas National Hi-tech enterprise.

    5.warehouse with more than 20 thousand spuare meters , can stock about 3000 tons products in it. Export goods are all packed with MDF wooden case and we will put a water-proof plastic inside  to prevent rust during shipment on the sea.