• Celebrate the National Day, bless our motherland!

    It’s another golden October,and it’s a season full of harvests,After going through several hardships,the motherland stands tall in the east of the world with its strong and unyielding backbone.We are proud,we are proud to have a sing for a strong motherland. We will be coming that The 73rd anniv...
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  • Safety first, safety management -Aili

         Safety is very important in our In daily life,Especially in factory,Aili leaders usually do safety exercises. Today Aili team are making Emergency rescue drill activities,Everyone was very positive and took the drill seriously,They listened carefully to every detail of the teacher,  
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  • Moon Festival

    This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is a special day,Because the day is not only moon Festival ,but also is teachers’ day on 10th September.Happy holidays to all teachers in the world。 First Let’s talk about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradi...
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  • New forging rock teeth -LC700RC

    Forging rock teeth LC700RC is our new goods ,used for Doosan DX700 and Sanyi brand SY650 SY750 SY870 heavy equipment machines.and work in the rock condition. It is very popular in the large mine company,because the mechanical properties of teeth is very good.can work long time and much more wear....
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  • Welcome to visit Aili factory

    Although the weather is very hot,is nearly 40℃,Aili factory is still busy. Today we have welcomed an important customer,they specially come to visit our factory,because they heard that Aili was a large and well-equipped factory,and want to check our quality. During the factory visit, we focused...
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  • Aili Delivery Time

    Now it is busy day for sending goods,many goods are ready to delivery.We are not only strict with the quality 205-70-19570,but also careful to pack.There are two package:MDF Wooden Case and Bag.All export goods will be packed by Wooden Case and put waterproof membrane,So it is not easy to rust.  ...
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  • Aili sale team party

        As all known:life is rare is together, a good time to share the world.Tonight Aili sale team held a party in Sheraton and spent very nice time . A good factory must have a gathering team,High quality bucket teeth must have strong sale team,A strong sale team also do not leave a perfect the eq...
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  • Centralized procurement strategic cooperation signing ceremony

    9Th July is a special day for Aili,Aili and Hao Jihui held a large centralized procurement strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Aili factory-Jing An,Jiangxi.   After more than half a year of investigation, Aili forging teeth(PC100RC) had been tested multiple times by Hao Jihui.Finally,...
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  • Celebrate the July 1st founding day and the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China

    Celebrate the July 1st founding day and the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China

    Our country has experienced difficult years in the past period of history. At that darkest moment, that is, at the beginning of 1920, Mr. Li Dazhao, Mr. Chen Duxiu and others began to contemplate the issue of Party building. Mr. Cai Hesen, who studied in France, clearly proposed that the “C...
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  • AILI new arrival:Forging Wear Resistant Protector Chocky Bar for Excavator Buckets

    AILI new arrival:Forging Wear Resistant Protector Chocky Bar for Excavator Buckets

    In the past few days,Aili manufacture has released new products,and It has received the attention and a lot of consultation from all customers.Let's  see what are the two the products?Yes,they are Choky bar and LD700 tiger tooth. CHOKY BAR Chocky Bars are unique block pr...
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  • Aili Manufacture New Arriving Forged Bucket Teeth-LD700TL

    Aili Manufacture New Arriving Forged Bucket Teeth-LD700TL

      Currently in Heavy Equipment Machine Spare Parts area,there are two classic production lines,Casting and Forging. Forging is Under the action of forging equipment and tools (molds ),the blank or ingot is plastic deformed to obtain a forging with a certain geometric size, shape and quality. Dens...
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    Qingming Festival has been the most grand and grand ancestor worship festival in the Chinese nation since ancient times.Together with the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is known as the four traditional festivals in China. At the same time, Qingming Festi...
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