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Aili Forging bucket tooth

Providing customers high quality spare parts and ultimate satisfied services are Aili always pursing. In order to follow world trend, Aili manufacture started to bought in high level complete forging equipments in 2019. After rigorous debugging, production, testing and other repeated processes, Aili can officially release high-quality forging bucket teeth to the markets. Now Aili has a lot of series forging bucket teeth replacing for all world famous brands. Like PC60, PC200 205-70-19570, PC300 207-70-14151,1UU3352RC, 1U3302RC, EC480,61Q6-31310RC,and so on.We will continue to develop and expand the forging product markets, and push our Aili brand casting and forging spare parts to the top of the world.

Forging bucket teeth production process:

Forging bucket tooth has better mechanical behavior, better wear-resistance,and longer service life.

1.The mold processing, is also the most critical step. The mold must be made carefully in a tightly closed environment.

Because it is a whole hot die forging, the matching requirements of the child and mother molds are very strict. If larger, the mold would be crushed by a thousand-ton press; If smaller, the product is prone to flow marks, affect product quality.

2. The raw materials used for forging bucket teeth are chromium-molybdenum alloy round steel produced by large steel mills. It is necessary to cut the alloy round steel to the prescribed size first, and then heat it to high frequency of about 1100 ° C without using coal to heat it, so there is no pollution to the environment, and the country also strongly supports it.

3. The processed bucket teeth also need to be forged by secondary hot die, secondary heat treatment, and then coated with anti-rust paint, and the storage number. Each bucket tooth need completed by the cooperation of multiple workers and masters, interlocking, not fast or slow.

Aili Forging bucket teeth spare parts are waiting for you,sincerely welcome your coming and inquiry.


Post time: May-07-2020