Aili Manufacture New Arriving Forged Bucket Teeth-LD700TL

  Currently in Heavy Equipment Machine Spare Parts area,there are two classic production lines,Casting and Forging. Forging is Under the action of forging equipment and tools (molds ),the blank or ingot is plastic deformed to obtain a forging with a certain geometric size, shape and quality. Dense and adapt to important pieces.Currently Forging is a popular reputation good line,almost all markets feedback forging bucket teeth and bucket adapters are better than Casting in Mechanical Properties and appearance.

LD700TL bucket tips are used in Sanyi brand Construction Equipment machines SY700,SY750,SY650,SY870 big Excavator. TL type is for Mining,Construction using,matching with LD700-80 Adapter and SY700 bucket pin and retainer.Jiangxi Aili Manufacture is always purchasing Innovation and Development,in order to biggest satisfiy Mining Customers high quality and fast delivery time requirements,Jiangxi Aili Manufacture lauched forging LD700TL bucket tips.

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Jiangxi Aili Manufacture brought in the forging machines from 2018years, after professional technicains several testings,lauched forging bucket teeth 1U33552RC,205-70-19570RC PC200RC,61Q6-31310RC foreign markets hot sales excavator sapre parts. With the forging teeth,Jiangxi Aili manufacture sent them to Chinese Yunnan,Menggu,Sichun and so on big Mining Customers to using and real testing.All feedback the forging bucket tips used longer time than before casting types and no broken problem.After getting the good markets feedback,then lauched to other Chinese Domestic customers,testing two months,all feedbacks good.Then start to export to forgein markets.Unit now Aili manufacture has already almost 200 types of Forging bucket tooth,including some small items used for the Mini Excavator,loader and dozer.Like the 1U3202,PC60,LD100,X156,TF23,LD60 and so on hot sales items.Aslo having some forged bucket tooth adapter,like the DH220 excavator bucket adapter 2713-1218 and 552X156 adapter.

Forged Excavator Spare Parts advantages:

Forging Mechanical Performance:

Hardness HRC:49-52HRC,

Impact Toughness (ak/JC ㎡):≧18J
1)Product interior structure with higher density ,not
have inner gas holes;
2)Higher Impact Toughness;
3)More stable Hardness;
4)The product surface is perfect, completely free of
pores and defects, close to the surface of the
machined product;
5)Mechanical automation produce and reduce the
quality problems caused by human factors and
labour cost.
  Forged Excavator Spare Parts disadvantages:
1)Equipment investment and mold costs are high. The cost of a
set of mold is about $8000. The conventional production is 3000-
5000 pieces.
2)The cost of raw material is high,The material of adapter and
tiger teeth is low utilization efficiency.
3) The comprehensive cost of equipment, molds and raw
materials is 10% higher than the casting process cost. Therefore,
the cost of forged products is at least 10% higher than casting.
Jiangxi Aili Manufacture was established in 1980years,”

To be the first class of casting &forging factory all over the world, to be the first brand of
bucket teeth in China.” is Aili always purchasing.We would cherish every partner and group up wtih them together.

Post time: May-04-2022