Together in wind and rain, we are together

July 20th was a very special and bad day, special for Henan Zhengzhou City,and all of our Chinese people. From this day, Henan Zhengzhou City encountered a heavy rain that has not been seen for many years,which caused some people died and many Chinese compatriots have lost their homes.


There is no doubt that it is a great disaster, but in the face of the nature, the only thing we can do is to do our best to rescue and help each other.In addition to the official rescue, a strong and powerful complementary force has formed, caring for everyone trapped in the disaster, even animals.In the face of the disaster, the Chinese people showed unparalleled cohesion, selfless spirit of dedication.There is no family in front of the country, donations, volunteers, everyone contribute their own power for this disaster. The government and related enterprises were dispatched urgently, and a series of measures such as rescue, dredging, and donation were implemented urgently.


Before the wind and rain, let’s carry it together. The destroyed home need to be rebuild,though our location is far away from there,but our heart is together with them. During the rescue, the excavator also played a heavy role,like digging the channel to lower the water level. Aili  as the old brand of Construction machinery industry,we would do best to help Henan Zhengzhou City to recover the warm home.

Post time: Jul-26-2021